Our Story

Established in 2018, Swift was founded by a group of individuals who share a passion to drive innovation within our organisation by reforming the culture and processes. Besides reforming the culture and processes, Swift also believes that technology is a critical part of innovation that will transform the organisation to be more efficient and more effectively in carrying out our business operations. These Three Principles guide the way we behave.

  • Harnessing Commercial Technology : We aim to harness the power of commercial technology to drive digital transformation within our organisation in order to gain a competitive edge against our competitors and speed is crucial. As such, our team builds platform and processes that allow us to move fast and deliver trusted and scalable solutions to our users.
  • Innovation Through Collaboration : Innovation has become one of the primary core competencies of many organizations and it leads to transformation in products, services, organizational design, processes and the systems that support them. In Swift, we work with startups, SMEs and MNCs to identify and accelerate partnership opportunities on a global scale, using our combined creativity and expertise to unleash disruptive innovation.
  • Understanding Problems : Our value to our organisation is our ability to understand the user's problem before the solutioning. This has allow us to develop creative new approaches to resolve the most difficult problems that our users faced.
Focus Area

Tackling Hard Problems

Beside delivering digital transformation to organisation, one of our guiding principles is to understand the problem. We seek to understand your problems so that we can explore creative approaches with you to resolve them.


Getting around could be much safer and more convenient than it is today. We like to work with autonomous vehicle manufacturer to improve road safety and offer new mobility options to our users.

Artificial Intelligence

Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate decision making and delivering operational impact for for our business operation.


Every 39 seconds, one cyber attack is happening and pushing the boundaries of cyber innovation is critical to our organisation. In doing so, we can address today and tomorrow cyber threats to ensure business continuity and help protect our users.


Healthcare have fundamentally transform due to the adoption of technology.Recent advances in data science, machine learning, and iot sensors help us better understand, predict, and treat diseases better. As such, innovative medical training and novel health application was developed.


It’s never been easier for people and organisation to move products from location to location, but current methods are inefficient. We’re making use of simple technology to make the delivery and tracking of products, faster and cheaper than what’s been possible before.

Aircraft Maintenance

Traditionally, aircraft maintenance is highly dependent on human labour and when compared to Healthcare, the adoption of technology is slow. We're actively working with companies to utilise robotics, drones and data analytics to advance the act of aircraft maintenance.


Finding Simple Solutions

Our small, focused project teams bring together deep expertise across disciplines and industries, searching for sounding ideas and turning them into real-world impact as quickly as possible.

AI & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning engineers work across our projects, bringing perspectives from different backgrounds and applying them to solve real problems.

  • Machine Learning Predictions
  • AI Enhanced Decision Making
  • Big Data Analysis


Robotics software and hardware engineers are teaching machines new skills to help extend humanity’s capabilities.

  • Autonomous AI-Powered Security Robots
  • Customizable Task Robots
  • Aircraft Maintenance Robots

Software Engineering

Our software engineers are essential players in projects at Swift, developing software systems to take on equally complex problems.

  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud Management
  • Container Technology

Organisation Strategy

Strategy and operations teams are here to assist business units in their culture and process transformation with the use of technology.

  • New Business Culture & Processes
  • Business Continuity Plan

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